Monday, August 31, 2009

Clarification on “stonewalling”

I just wanted to clarify a Twitter post I made earlier, but first a little background…

A lot of Denny Rehberg’s political enemies have been trying to make hay out of Thursday’s tragic boat accident, which left five people injured, including one staffer who suffered a serious head/brain injury.

I’ve received multiple messages and Twitter posts insinuating that the Montana media is not doing an adequate job of exposing some unstated but alleged wrongdoing on behalf of Rehberg. There is a certain faction of Rehberg’s political rivals who want the press to blame Rehberg for what happened out on the lake last week.

There just aren’t enough facts to determine what, exactly, actually happened out on that lake that night.

Earlier today I posted a Twitter message mentioning the fact that I felt there was an unusual degree of “stonewalling” surrounding the facts in this case. That comment stemmed from the fact that I and other reporters were not having our calls returned by authorities from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Department, FWP, or the county attorney’s office. I have since talked to the county attorney’s office. As far as I know, no Montana reporter has received any comment from Barkus’ attorney.

I just don’t want my post to be misconstrued to suggest that anyone from Rehberg’s office has been “stonewalling” the press. Erik Iverson and Jed Link have done a good job of keeping the press informed.


Bob Brigham said...

I'm glad you exonerated Iverson for "stonewalling" the press as "misleading" is a far more accurate way to describe his cover-up the coma and how the congrassman was probably well beyond legally intoxicated.

With what we know now about three hours before Rehberg was tested, Iverson sure earned his fee conning the Tribune into printing:

In response to questions asked in a similar conference call Fri-day, Iverson said Saturday that when Rehberg was treated at Kalispell Medical Center, his blood-alcohol content was .05, “well below the legal limit” for intoxication, which is .08.

At three hours, that means Rehberg's BAC was .095 to .110 at the time of the crash. But the Tribune's stenography allowed Iverson mislead your readers.

Anonymous said...

The investegation is being conducted by County Attorney Ed Corrigan and Flathead Sheriff Mike Meehan, both endorsed Barkus in his last Senate race. Don't you think they should both recuse themselves from the case or at least a reporter should ask some a few questions about it.

Come on John Adams you should be a better reporter. What about the conflict of interest? Is there are record at the Docks of their tab? Who else was gathered with them at the event Sonju, Blasdel, Beck?

We aren't political enemies of Rehberg, we want answers, we want a fair justice like anyone else who was drinking and boating would have. We all remember the Judy Martz cover-up to well to let these insiders get away with seriously injuring Frost, others, and breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

Stop sucking Iverson's newspeak.

jhwygirl said...

JSA reported the facts, Bob. Your theory - even if it is based in science - is a theory.

You're barking at the wrong reporter here...seriously.

Megaladon said...

My only problem with coverage so far has nothing to do with "unstated but alleged wrongdoing on behalf of Rehberg." My problem is that many outlets (particularly the Lee Enterprises papers) seem to be completely willing to roll over to this treatment. Hell, Lee is moderating comments on the stories so tightly, that you can't even ask questions that any journalist worth their salt would ask. When some Crow Tribal member injures several in a drunken crash, the comments section of the Gazette turns into the KKK Clearinghouse, but dare you ask a legit question regarding some elected officials and your comment is denied.

Bob Brigham said...

Sorry jhwygirl for thinking JSA could handle math in addition to stenography.

jhwygirl said...

JSA, let me remind, is a reporter, not a blogger. Reporter = Must use facts.

Your conjecture about what Rehberg's BAC was at the time of the crash is just that - conjecture. You don't know what Rehberg weighs, nor what he ate and how much or when....all someof the things one would need to know to at least make a more logical guess.

Rehberg = Bad Guy

JSA = Good Guy

I mean - of all reporters in this state that you'd want to suggest covering up information or backing off of something sensitive, JSA is not one of them.

I'm pretty darn sure you don't know that - and that's why I said to you that you are barking at the wrong reporter.


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