Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get the lowdown on your polling location

Today I added a new gadget that will enable Lowdown readers to easily locate their polling place for the Nov. 2 election. If you don't know where to vote, type your address into the handy gadget on the right hand side of this blog and the gadget will give you the address, a map, and directions to your polling location.

IMPORTANT: The folks at the Voting Information Project are still working out a few glitches in the gadget. Currently, if you type in your address you'll get accurate polling place information, but the ballot information is not up to date. The gadget currently returns ballot information from 2008. I've notified the VIP tech team and they are working to correct this. I'll update this post as soon as they do. But in the meantime I've decided to leave the gadget up so people could at least locate their polling place if they don't already know where it's at.

If you discover any other errors in the gadget, PLEASE let me know ASAP by commenting in this post or by e-mailing me or by clicking the "report errors" link the gadget.

Oh, and VOTE on Nov. 2. 

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