Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Legislature’s social calendar, and other stuff

Below you will find the Legislature social calendar through February. You’ll notice it gets thin the further out you go. Events will continue to be added throughout the session, so each week I’ll update it in a blog post. I just got fancy new scanner which now makes the task much easier.

On another note…

I know I’m not the most prolific or consistent blogger and tweeter. Writing the Lowdown is secondary to my day-to-day reporting duties for the Great Falls Tribune. Sometimes I’m swamped with committee hearings. Sometimes I’m chasing down leads. Sometimes I’m just flat-out too busy to blog.

That said, I always encourage readers to submit tips and ideas for blog posts. It was a reader’s tweet that prompted me to post the Legislature’s social calendar online.

E-mail tips, story ideas or comments to mtlowdown(at)

Without further ado, the social calendar for the remainder of the session (click on images to see larger version):




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Matthew Koehler said...

RE: E-mail tips, story ideas or comments

This Sunday the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears play in the NFC Championship for a trip to the Super Bowl. Amazingly, the two teams with the NFL's longest rivalry haven't faced in other in the playoffs since December 1941.

What's your prediction for the game? I hear you're giving Bears fans 6 points. How many sacks will Matthews ring up? And will Aaron Rodger's throw for more TD passes than Cutler has INTs?

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