Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Activists lock down Montana Governor’s Office over oil pipeline

UPDATE: Here’s the raw video from today’s meeting between environmental activists and Gov. Brian Schweitzer. Warning: there is some harsh language that may  not suitable for all viewers.


I’ll have more on this as the day goes on, including photos and video from today’s protest in Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s office, but here’s the latest.

More than 100 environmental activists from across the country descended on Schweitzer's office Tuesday morning to demand that he rescind his support for the Keystone XL oil pipeline and the Exxon Mobile megaload transportation project.

Schweitzer met with the rowdy group of activists in the reception room of his office, but refused to meet their demands that he give up support for the massive pipeline project and the transportation project to serve the Canadian tar sands. Activists from Northern Rockies Rising Tide, Earth First! and other environmental groups said last week's rupture of an ExxonMobil pipeline that fouled dozens of miles of the Yellowstone River downstream of Laurel is a prime example of why Schweitzer should "toss big oil out of Montana."

Schweitzer met with the group for about 20 minutes and listened to their complaints and concerns before one of the activists began playing the piano in the reception room, prompting the other activists to jump on tables and dance and chant.

The governor said he hoped the environmental activists could put their passions toward ending the nation's addiction to foreign oil, which prompted boos from the crowed.

Missoula activist Nick Stocks of the Northern Rockies Rising Tide said that the activists were prepared to stay in the lobby of the governor's office indefinitely.

I’ll update this post throughout the day with more quotes from the meeting as well as video.



Anonymous said...

It seems to me this group of folks have no regard for the Office of the Governor. I wonder if they have options for transportation fuel in America that are viable? I wonder how their solution will continue to provide for the unparrelled quality of life and freedom of mobility we have in America? I wonder if they walked to Montana?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of these activists walked all the way to Helena? It seems more than a little hypocritical to drive hundreds of miles from all over the country to protest about "Big Oil". Then they decide to dance on the table and camp out in the Governors office? How exactly am I supposed to take this seriously?

MTB1 said...

Political aspirations are driving Gov. Schweitzers attacks on the EPA and his media grandstanding. A recently released poll put the Governor within striking distance of defeating incumbent US Senator Max Baucus in a Democratic Party primary, but the poll also revealed that Gov. Schweitzer is under performing with deep-pocketed environmental groups that are hostile to Montana's energy sector.

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