Saturday, June 16, 2012

Opposing displays outside GOP convention

As Montana Republicans considered platform planks, elected delegates and speechified to loyal supporters, Bruce Russell, Sr. quietly paced back and forth outside Missoula’s Hilton Garden Inn holding a homemade sign that simply said: “Den of Thieves.”


Russell kept is vigil for nearly four hours Saturday morning, walking back and forth so he wouldn’t be ticketed by police for “loitering.”

“The party inside is responsible for the economic depression that befell this country in 2008,” Russell said.

Russell was also pretty peeved about the float parked in front of the hotel depicting the “Obama Presidential Library” as an bullet-hole-ridden outhouse known as “Out House One".”

Russell, an Army medic in Vietnam, said as a veteran he was appalled by the display.

“That makes me sick no matter who the president is,” he said.


The outhouse featured plenty of…well… let’s just say colorful “graffiti.”

Inside was a outhouse stool with a semi-circle hole with the words “Half Ass” and “Policies of the Left” written next to it and a framed Obama “birth certificate” hung above it.

A poster on the wall said “For a good time call: 1-800 Michelle Hillary Pelosi.”

An historic photograph an unidentified black man was tacked to the wall with the word “Dad” scrawled beneath it.

Here are a few more photos of the…display.

Half ass

Outhouse dad

Outshouse inside


Anonymous said...

That outhouse display shows the Republican Party for a bunch of half-wits.

Anonymous said...


Paul Hobbs said...

It's not just Montana. Unfortunately, every place has idiots. I wish the presumptive Republican nominee for the Presidency would say something about these kinds of incidents, but I guess he can't afford to write off the "crazy-old-racist" vote in the modern GOP.

Anonymous said...

What nastiness will they think of next. For a party of people who claim to be "patriotic", they sure are lacking in respect for the office of the President. Disgusting display of racism and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

This is a small thing compared to the hate that spewed out from the left toward Bush and Cheney for eight years. Who's wife and daughters were supposed to be raped and killed? Where was the outrage? I am not anonymous. I am Vance E. Gilbraith. by posting my name I open myself up to hate and attack from the good folks on the left. They like all cowards strike from hiding.

Anonymous said...

If the Montana GOP spent half as much time working to actually pass substantive, productive bills (ie non gold-standard, spear hunting, women-degrading etc) as they did in building this outhouse, the great state of Montana would be in better shape than it is today.

Ashton Jones said...

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